Vicki Shiflet/Children’s Director







I grew up attending here at Clifton Christian Church and was raised just a few blocks down the road. I graduated from Central High School and then went on to college, but did not finish. I am married with three girls and we are an extremely active family. I was asked in May 2008 to come on staff to help with the children’s programming and make sure there were classes on the weekends, and a midweek program, attend two camps in the summer, and have vacation bible school. This little job for a mom who was just going to come on board to help out a little has grown into a full blown ministry position since then. It has been very rewarding in many ways and I have learned so much. I love our children here at Clifton Christian Church and have watched many of them move on to be in ministry of their own. I started back on my college journey back in 2010 and expect to graduate with a psychology degree in December of 2017. I pray God has many more years of ministry here at this church for me.