Meet Our Office

  • Jackie Stephanus – Office
  • Marie Moreland – Office
  • Jackie Feaster – Food & Clothing Director
  • Phillip Ferguson– Janitor
  • Micah Jones – Nursery Director


Meet Our Elders


  • Gordon Barker
  • Jeff Graebing
  • Brant Harrison
  • Dale Hunt
  • Doyle Koehn
  • Larry Leathermon
  • Eric Nordenson
  • Mark O’Neal
  • Max Altenbern – Lifetime Elder


Meet Our Deacons

Deacons serve the church in many roles. Following is a list of some of those ministries. Serve communion to home shut-ins, communion and offering’s during church services,  church security, building maintenance, grounds maintenance, special events setup, van transportation to and from church, helping people move and relocate, and many others. We as a church body are blessed to have such services available to us and also the dedication of these men.

  • Clay Altenbern
  • Gerald Best
  • Larry Blossom
  • Brison Cole
  • Jim Conner
  • Robert Daugherty
  • Charles Dewey
  • Robert Distel
  • Paul Ha
  • Joel Henderson
  • Dave Hernandez
  • Russ Kendell
  • Michael Koehn
  • Rick Marcus, Jr.
  • Casey Mehl
  • Allen Montaque
  • Terry Moreland
  • Duane Munroe
  • Ryan Page
  • Corben Telinde
  • Kurtis Weeks


Meet Our Deaconesses

Deaconesses serve an important and vital role in our church. They have many ministries and following are some of them; Baby Gifts, Baptistery, Christmas Angel, Christmas Luncheon, Discovery Class Refreshments & Lunch, Worship Center Weekly Flowers, Funeral Dinners, Kitchen Upkeep, Ladies Night Out, Pregnancy Center Baby Shower, Thanks giving Dinner, and many others.

We as a church are fortunate to have this dedication available for us.

Following is a list of the 2016 Deaconesses.

  • Becky Andrews
  • Irene Bowman
  • Gwyn Burke
  • Helen Caldwell
  • Carol Chaffin
  • Carrie Daugherty
  • Mary Ferguson
  • Debbie Gaurmer
  • Jacque Harper
  • Lizzy Harrison
  • Tami Hunt
  • Sandy Key
  • Linda Mechem

Lifetime Deaconesses

  • Beth Drake
  • Nancy Gardner
  • Bonnie Newton
  • Jody Newton
  • Mary Rowland
  • Linda Seep
  • Helen Sheley
  • Patty Simpson
  • Anna Smith
  • Amanda Sparks
  • Lynette Teske
  • Connie Wieberg
  • Beth Winter


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