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  • Welcome to Clifton Christian Church!

    We offer church services for both live contemporary music with a full worship team, and a service for more traditional music such as hymnals and choir performance.

    Service Times

    Saturday: 6:08pm (Contemporary) Sunday: 9:00am (Traditional) Sunday: 10:30am (Contemporary)

    Children’s Church: 1st – 5th grades Saturday:6:08-Sunday 9:00 & 10:30.


    “Reaching the world for Jesus one person at a time by making Biblical disciples through intentional relationships.”


    Church Current Events

  • Prayer Saturated Church

    prayer saturated


    To an outsider observing our church, would prayer be immediately visible?

    Looking at the beginning of the church in the book of Acts, their continued practice of prayer was the primary reason for it’s phenomenal growth & evangelism! They prayed in the temple, in one another’s homes and in the streets. They even had a special room where they assembled for prayer (Acts 1:13-14)  Their prayer times became a launching pad for the church’s mission. The disciples came out empowered to share the message of Christ with boldness & authority, and turned  the world right side up! What a great lesson for us in our personal lives and the life of our congregation. God expects us to seek Him with all our heart, soul, mind, & strength before we make plans & tackle the task. It is not by our wisdom or power, but it is His Spirit,that will accomplish the work through us! (Zechariah 4:6)

    Church prayer is our strategy for fruitful lives & ministry.



  • Discovery Class

    discovery class

    Roger and Don’s next Discovery Class will be on Saturday, December 5th from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm, with lunch included. This is a class that explains God’s plan of salvation, a brief history of Clifton Christian Church with an explanation of why we are a non-denominational church, the Vision of the church, and how to get connected. You may register by talking to Roger or Don or by calling the church office at 434-7392.


  • StaffChat

    staffchat 001

    This is a monthly publication of conversations with the staff of Clifton Christian Church.

    Includes Roger’s Rites(Roger Ferguson/Senior Minister)-Don’s Delectables(Don Mechem/Associate Minister)-Isaac’s Idioms(Isaac Stephanus/Youth Minister)-Vicki’s Vibes(Vicki Shiflet/Children’s Minister)-Terry’s Tidbits(Terry leathermon/Associate Minister).


Welcome to Clifton Christian Church

Clifton Christian Church is a vibrant, growing church, striving to share God's love and grace with our community both here and around the world.  Established in 1910 our church has a strong foundation while still being able to reach and meet the needs of a 21st century culture.  We believe the role of the Church is to facilitate the making of disciples of Jesus. We are a non-denominational Church striving to follow the Bible pattern for God's people.
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